Plastic Greenhouses

Plastic greenhouses have become quite popular recently due to their ease and low cost. A greenhouse plastic cover made from polyethylene sheeting is lightweight and much less expensive than glass, yet it still is effective during the seasons of fall, winter and spring. It can slowy start to deteriorate if it gets constant exposure to the sun during a hot summer, but using UV-inhibited polyethylene should reduce that possibility. A polyethylene greenhouse can keep inside temperatures 4º to 6º F warmer than outside temperatures and garden fabric (also known as 'row cover') over the crop can increase that further. Therefore with a carfeul selection of fruits and vegetables that can withstand cold temperatures it is possible to grow most of the year in a plastic greenhouse without the use of heating equipment and electricity if you wish to. A greenhouse plastic cover will usually come in 100-ft long rolls with widths ranging from 12-ft. to 48-ft. When working out how much plastic greenhouse covering you will need it is recommended to add at least a foot to your measurements for each side of the house width.

Below is a video showing how to attach plastic sheeting to a greenhouse frame using wiggle


Greenhouse Plans
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