Lean-To Greenhouses

When you first think about getting a greenhouse you may well be picturing in your mind a large stand-alone glass building but there are many different styles and sizes of greenhouse available. Did you even know that such a thing as lean-to greenhouses even existed?  When exploring the different varieties of greenhouses many are surprised that such an option is open to them.  For those who are unfamiliar with this variety, lean-to greenhouses are meant to attach to the exterior wall of your home, garage, or even a tool shed.  They are much more affordable and easier to assemble than other models of greenhouses since they are smaller and are without that one wall. If they are against your house or other heated building they will also have the added benefit of being able to use some of that heat.

For those with limited outdoor space lean-to greenhouses can be an ideal solution . If your yard space is somewhat cramped or if you have kids and pets running around and aren't sure about the safety of your greenhouse, you can tuck it up next to another structure making it more secure and more out of the way aswell.  Some lean-to greenhouses are as large as an additional room so if you do have the space you might like to have a bigger more permanent attachment to your home with a door from the house.  These types of greenhouses are usually wood and painted to match your home's exterior so that they look planned and can be used as a sunroom or additional porch.   Some homes even come with them already built in!

If you're considering such a greenhouse you do need to be mindful of a few things.  One is that they are often smaller inside than other greenhouses, so plan your accessories accordingly.  You'll need to make sure your benches and shelves are sized specifically for lean-to greenhouses.  If you are building from a kit it may come with benches and shelves but usually you need to order them separately.  Also they may be easier to keep warm than larger greenhouses since there is less space to heat so if you are using a heater during the winter months you should adjust it to a lower setting or adjust your timer to keep it on for less time.  A common mistake many make with lean-to greenhouses is heating it like they would with larger structures and plants then wilt and wither under too much heat.

Many who purchase kits or use greenhouses plans to build a lean-to greenhouses are very pleased with the result and report that it gives the space they need for the few plants and flowers they're raising. Whether you're looking to maintain a few flowers to transplant outside or want to grow your own vegetables, lean-to greenhouses may give you the space you need.  They're perfect for those with limited space and those who may also be working with a limited budget! One famous user of the lean-to greenhouse was Darwin, so if it was good enough for him…


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